The following equipment will be needed to participate in Snider Lacrosse. If you have trouble obtaining the equipment, the team does have some extra equipment that can be lent out for the season.
Only Cascade Helmets will be allowed (R, CPX-R, Pro7, CPX, CPro, or CLH2).
The helmet colors will be the following:
Helmets should have WHITE shell color, BLACK visor color, and ATHLETIC GOLD chin guard color. Stickers will be provided by the team. Approximate cost - $110-$230
Note that we have special pricing on Cascade R helmets w/ the chrome face mask. $175. This is an extremely good deal as retail price is $300.
Mouth guards will be worn at all times. Current regulations are to have the mouth guards to be of a visible color (not clear or black). The color is to help the referee more easily identify the absence of a mouth guard. Approximate cost - $10-$15.
Shoulder pads are required. There are various forms of shoulder pads with minimal protection to the collarbone to full protection of the collarbone all the way down to the ribs. Approximate cost - $30-$80.

Color should be majority black in color (silver will be accepted). Approximate cost - $20-$80.
There are number names for elbow pads out in the market:
Arm Guard/Elbow Guard - offers most protection. Recommended for attack or midfielder
Arm Pad/Elbow Pad - less of the upper arm and forearm are protected, but offers greater mobility. Recommended for defensemen.
Color should be majority black in color. Approximate cost - $30-$180.
There is a wide range of gloves also with a very wide range in cost. The most important factor to look for is the 3 segment fingers. Most of the lower priced gloves have a 2 segment finger. The three segment offers greater mobility. Size should always be the 13" gloves.
Black crew cut socks as well as White crew cut socks. $7 per pair.

A cup is mandatory. Please check out the flex cups made by Shock Doctor. A lacrosse ball traveling at 70+mph can cause damage! Approximate cost - $15-$40.
Black Shorts to be purchased or borrowed from the team. Each pair of shorts is $40, if purchased.
Football or soccer cleats (no metal cleats are allowed - baseball cleats). Approximate cost - $40-$90.
Special protective goalie equipment to be provided by the team. Goalies should have their own stick/heads.
Sticks/shafts and heads are the responsibility of the player. It is recommended that the player have 2 sticks. Usually one stick as the preferred stick and the other as back-up and rain stick.

Recommended Heads for beginners:
Brine Rocket, Warrior Warpath, STX Viper2, Brine Motive, STX AV8, Warrior Punisher

Recommended Heads by position for advanced players:
Warrior EvoPro, STX Proton Power, Brine Clutch, Brine Cyber Pro, Brine Answer Pro, Brine E3
STX Excalibur, Warrior Revo 2.0, STX Viper2

Main difference between a beginners head and an advanced player head is the width of the stick opening. The wider the stick opening, the easier it is to learn to catch and throw.
For the more advanced player, the narrower the head, the easier it is to cradle the ball while being checked. Shooting accuracy and speed can be affected depending on the players ability to "tweak" the pocket to their preference.

Recommended Shafts for all skill levels by position:
Attack/Midfield (~$60):
STX Vanadium, Warrior Platinum Alloy, Brine F15, Brine Ignite Supra
Defense (~$80)
STX Zirconium, Warrior Platinum Alloy, Brine F15, Bring Ignite Supra
Some heads come with the pocket pre-strung. Please note that these typically are strong incorrectly and will cause improper throws. You will need to adjust these pockets in order to throw correctly. Please see the coach to have these adjusted.
Also, most of these pre-strung heads use soft mesh which cannot be used in the rain/wet conditions.
Stringing packages are available from Coach Lin at $15 for the kit or $20 for the coach to string the stick along with the mesh. Typically stores will charge you $18 for the kit plus an additional $20 to string the head. Note, depending on color and/or pocket type, some kits may cost more.